Saturday, 17 January 2009


Hi folks, not been active on here for some time so here we go again.

Interested to hear any comments on the topic of elderly care in England.
I feel that there is a nightmare to be uncovered and I intend to do it.
Our elderly deserve the best that we can offer them and I hope that I get the best when I am in that position.
We have already seen the privatisation of the majority of state run homes which means that private developers and businesses are running the homes on a shoestring for a large profit and this is not good for the people that deserve and need the loving care that is being denied them in many cases.
Let me have your notes and stories please.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

UKIP has proved once and for all that thew BNP are running scared of us in the North East.
In a recent confrontation between our own NEC and the BNP we were offered a deal in that if we left the North alone during the EU elections they would leave the south alone.
Clearly, we have to now put every effort into campaigning in the North of England, not only to take all the undecided voters but also to take the disgruntled Tory voters, especially now that Gordon Brown seems to be puchasing some of his popularity back.
Come join us and see what a pleasant experience it is to be honest and loyal to the public of this country. A True UKIP.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Welcome to all.
I am a virgin to this blogging so any assistance would be welcome.
I invite you to start the ball rolling and let us get some conversations going.
I will speak to all regardless of who you are or who you stand for, all I ask for is the truth.